Our church had its beginning in 1946 when a group of christians from the Ardsley Park Baptist Church began services on Sundays in the Cresthill Community House. Cresthill was formally constituted in 1950 with 27 members. Over the years, the church congregation grew and was able to establish a new church building and two educational buildings. We expanded our property to have a baseball field, soccer area and playground. We have plans for much more in these recreational areas, with the goal of inviting our surrounding community to enjoy them.  

As the years went on we did not change with the times. Our church grew in years, but stopped growing in some other ways. It's a challenge many churches are facing today - how to honor longstanding members and traditions, and also be open to new ways of worshiping that invite in more of the community. We realized we had to change and grow. So on Nov. 2, 2013 our brave congregation took on a project led by our pastor - 100 Days to a New Church, and became Higher Ground Baptist Church.​

Led by the Holy Spirit, the congregation of Higher Ground Baptist Church has accomplished one of the most dramatic church changes imaginable.   Unanimously we agreed to change “everything” except what we would teach and preach from the pulpit, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Higher Ground Baptist Church

Our History